What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?

Rock crawler and rock bouncer systems are two great pieces of equipment that can help you have a better time off-road. But they do have some differences you should know about before making your purchase.

Rock crawler systems are designed to be used on rocks, tree roots, and other obstacles that would otherwise stop you in your tracks. Rock bouncers are typically made for use off-road or in snow conditions.

The major difference between the two is their suspension. Rock crawlers have a solid front axle with leaf springs whereas rock bouncers have coil springs up front – this means the rock bouncer can bounce over bumps without getting stuck like a rock crawler might do if it hits an obstacle (rock).

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

Rock crawler and rock bouncer systems are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Rock crawlers provide an easy way for kids to get around with their friends on all terrain surfaces, while rock bouncers help them bounce through the air. It’s important that you know how these two different types of systems work so that you can choose which is best for your family.

We hope this blog post helped you understand the difference between rock crawler and rock bouncer systems so you can more easily find what type of system will be most fun for your family!

Rock Crawler And Rock Bouncer Differences

Rock bouncers are more heavy duty than rock crawlers and they rely on their off-road suspensions and big tires to access all types of difficult terrain. rock bouncer 4×4 trucks have become more and more popular in the last years.

Rock bouncer 4×4 trucks have also been called Ultra-terrain vehicles or UTVs before, but today they are considered a kind of sport buggy.

They are very similar to rock crawlers when it comes to off-road capabilities, but they lack the low gear reduction needed to crawl up steep rocks. They are best designed for high-speed off-road fun (and they do an excellent job at that).

Rock Bouncers require more finesse than rock crawlers, but the outcome is still determined by strategy. Racers must choose their lines carefully and keep up with an expert driver who takes calculated steps that lead to success in this game of checkers or chess-like driving maneuvering on trails full of boulders and hills.

There is a very fine line between winning and losing in rock bouncer 4×4 truck racing. Rock bouncers are not for beginners and need to be driven by experienced drivers who can avoid difficult obstacles on the trail when necessary, but taking chances when they count.

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

What Is A Rock Bouncer?

Rock bouncers can come with big horsepower engines (up to 750 Hp), and this makes them very fast. But reliability is key on the trail and a buggy with an engine that has not been properly maintained can lead to total failure on race day.

Rock bouncers are more durable than rock crawlers that rely of low gearing, but they suffer from excessive body roll due to their short wheelbase and lack of a roll cage. However, this is a reasonable compromise if you want to have fun at long trail runs and events where there is no need for a roof.

Rock bouncer 4×4 trucks are perfect if you want a heavy duty ultra-terrain vehicle that can run on high speeds across open terrain without paying too much attention to tire placement. They are a lot of fun and make a great hobby for you and your friends, but they should not be considered cheap alternatives to rock crawlers – they fulfill a completely different need.

Rock bouncers can also work as rock crawling vehicles, but their lack of low gearing makes them inefficient at climbing rocks. They will probably damage the gears on their axles while trying to get up a hill. They are not the best choice for rock crawling, but there is no need to say this if you plan of buying one after reading this article!

Rock bouncers come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them can be modified with rear seats and additional lights for night time off-roading. But the main point is that they are ultra-terrain vehicles which spend their time bouncing across trails, not climbing rocks.

Rock bouncers 4×4 trucks are great off-road vehicles if you like to spend your day bumping up and down on tracks that other people find impossible to drive through. With large wheels and high-speed suspensions, they are not built for power but for speed and jumping capabilities.

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

What Is A Rock Crawler?

Rock crawlers are meant to climb rock walls. The main point is that rock bouncers try to avoid climbing rocks, while rock crawlers are built for climbing them. Rock bouncer 4×4 trucks are more of an ultra-terrain vehicle than a rock crawler that can be modified to climb rocks with the addition of gear reduction boxes and extra low gearing options.

The main advantage of rock crawlers over rock bouncers is that they are designed to climb up rocks, but there are many disadvantages as well. They are very heavy vehicles with low ground clearance and their suspension geometry makes them unstable at high speeds.

Rock crawler 4×4 trucks make great hobby vehicles for building advanced off-road trails or extreme four wheel driving tracks, but they are not the best choice for daily driving on roads because their heavy weight takes a toll on your gas mileage.

They get better fuel economy when used for rock climbing, but this is only acceptable if you are looking to buy an off-road vehicle that can be used very infrequently while still being efficient at its job. Rock crawling vehicles are not built for speed or to be on the trail everyday.

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

Rock Crawler And Rock Bouncer System Differences

Rock bouncers and rock crawlers both improve your off-road experience, but if you ask us we would recommend a rock bouncer 4×4 truck both because of its affordability and many other benefits. If you want to find out more about the main differences between these two types of vehicles, keep on reading:

Tire Size

The size of the tires used on rock bouncers is definitely bigger than that of rock crawlers. Rock bouncers have all terrain off-road tires which are typically 35 inches in diameter while the smallest amount you can find on a rock crawler would be 33 inches.

The difference in tire size gives us an idea that these two types of vehicles are trying to achieve different things, don’t you think? Rock bouncers are trying to reach high speeds across open terrain while rock crawlers are trying to climb rocks.

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of off-road vehicles will affect their ability to drive over large obstacles on the trail. If the vehicle has a ground clearance which is very low, it will not be able to climb rocks and other large obstacles.

The ground clearance on rock bouncers is greater than that on rock crawlers which are built for climbing rocks, but the amount of ground clearance you have also depends on your vehicle’s suspension system. Ground clearance can increase if you raise the suspension height with some sort of lift kit.

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

Suspension Systems

The suspension systems of a rock bouncers and a rock crawler are different as one is made for speed and the other is intended to climb rocks. Rock bouncer suspensions on 4×4 trucks have more travel on their shocks, but they also have higher spring rates which make them more stable on open terrain at high speeds.

The suspensions on rock crawlers are built to handle harsh terrain, making them more stable when climbing rocks at low speeds. Rock bouncers with high ground clearance can compete with rock crawler suspensions in terms of bump absorption, but they do not have the same capabilities when it comes to low speed climbing over rocks and challenging obstacles.


Traction is very important when driving off-road because you need to have high amounts of traction for controlling your vehicle. Some say that rock bouncers are better at climbing rocks than rock crawlers, but their low ground clearance and stability issues make them less capable at this task.

Rock crawlers do not reach the same levels of traction as rock bouncers because their tires are smaller, but they can climb rocks with ease thanks to their suspension systems. Rock bouncer suspensions are better than rock crawler suspensions for bump absorption but the low speed climbing capabilities of crawlers may be preferable for some people.


The list price of a new rock bouncer 4×4 is typically higher than that of a new rock crawler. Even though some people say that this is because rock bouncers are better models, the difference in price has more to do with what these two types of vehicles are trying to achieve.

Rock bouncers are built for open terrain at high speeds which makes them more expensive than rock crawlers. If you are not interested in rock climbing and need a 4×4 that’s fast on the trail, then investing in a rock bouncer might be your best choice.

Rock crawlers are for people who love to climb rocks very often. If you live near rocky terrain this type of vehicle will allow you to enjoy it without breaking the bank because rock crawlers are less expensive.

, What Is The Difference Between A Rock Crawler And A Rock Bouncer?, 4x4 Crawlers

Main Takeaways – Rock Crawler And Rock Bouncer Differences

If you want to go off-roading as a family, rock bouncers might be a better choice because of their high levels of bump absorption and speed on open terrain. They can also take passengers without problems, perfect for going out with the kids.

If you enjoy going over rocks and other large obstacles, rock crawlers are perfect for you because they can climb rocks with ease. Keep in mind that their ground clearance is low which makes them less stable on open terrain, but some people may enjoy this.

If you like to go off-roading solo or as an enthusiast then either one of these two types of vehicles will be good for you. Your choice will depend on your preferences and if you prefer high speeds over low speeds, or the opposite.

If you need help choosing between these two types of off-road vehicles contact a 4×4 dealer for assistance. They can help you make the right choice by explaining the differences and your options when it comes to rock bouncers and rock crawlers.

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