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    Is Torque Good For Off Roading?

    The torque on a car is what helps it to accelerate, which is important in an off-road vehicle if you are trying to power up and over hills or boulders. … Torque is what allows you to keep up your momentum when driving over boulders without stressing out the engine. What is Torque and How […] More

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mud Truck?

    A lot of people ask me how to build a mud truck and the answers vary. I asked a few of my friends and they quoted everything from $3,000 to $30,000. We did not include labor in these quotes because labor rates vary greatly depending on where you live. You can buy a turn-key rig […] More

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    What Are Rock Krawler Lift Kits? Are The Worth It?

    Rock krawler suspension is a type of lift for off-road vehicles. It uses coil springs and adjustable control arms to provide a high amount of flex without compromising durability and load support. The system was developed by Ian Johnson, who founded rock krawler off-road in 2004 with the goal of creating a truck that could […] More

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    Rock Crawler Wheels. Are They Different Than Off Roading Wheels?

    Rock crawler beadlock wheels are a type of wheel that is specifically designed for off-road use. They have a locking mechanism that helps keep the tire in place, which is especially important when traversing rough terrain. This makes them ideal for rock crawling, which is a sport that involves traversing steep and rugged hills and […] More

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    What Is The Best Rock Crawler Engine?

    Nobody likes a slow and sluggish rig. How much power is enough? Just a little more. I am always tinkering with parts and an engine is no different. A weekend of wrenching, headache, and beer drinking in the garage that squeezes out 4 more horsepower from your 4×4 would a successful weekend! In the world […] More

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    How Much Do Rock Crawlers Weigh?

    Rock crawlers are an absolute blast to drive on the dirt – but how much do they weigh? Weighing in at around 4,000 lbs., these beasts can be a lot of fun when you’re driving them over obstacles. The high clearance and heavy-duty suspension make for a really smooth ride when you don’t want it […] More

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    How To Become A Monster Jam Driver

    Monster Jam is a wildly popular motorsport event that takes place in arenas across the country. In order to get to this level of competition, drivers must complete rigorous training and intense physical fitness regimens. The following blog post will break down Monster Jam driver requirements and offer tips for aspiring drivers so they can […] More

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    What Is The Most Famous Monster Truck?

    If you were to walk around and ask 100 people on the street what they think of when someone says “monster trucks”, there is a good chance that most would respond with “Grave Digger.” Even if people don’t know anything about monster truck racing, they’ve usually heard something about Grave Digger before. What is the […] More

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    What Is A Rock Crawler Suspension Design Exactly? The Complete Guide

    Many drivers think a truck’s suspension is just a way of fitting whatever tire size they desire under their vehicle. Their only concern is lift and not function. There are many different types of suspensions that can be found on vehicles today. One type of suspension that has gained popularity among rock crawlers is coil-over […] More

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    Is Mud Bogging Dangerous? Can I Do It Safely?

    Many people enjoy the thrill of racing in a truck through mounds of mud, but is it safe? Mud bogging is a form of off-road racing. It can be found at many events and parties where there are no tracks or paved surfaces to race on. So, is mud bogging dangerous? The answer depends on […] More